Victoria Bonia ready to have a second child

Виктория Боня готова родить второго ребёнка

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” and the ex-fiancée of billionaire Alex Smurfit Victoria Bonia ready to have a second child, a new chosen one. Recently, the celebrity shows on their pages in social networks photo with the huge bouquets of roses. Who’s her new partner, Victoria says, but declares that it is ready to be the mother of his child.

In a recent interview Bonia told about the true reason for her breakup with the father of her eldest daughter, Angelina. As it turned out, Victoria really wanted to have another baby, but Smurfit was opposed. Quarreled on this ground, they decided to disband.
“Alex and humanly really love each other, but not enough. And I’m happy that he was that man able to let go,” said Victoria after her breakup with Alex.
As the saying goes, a Holy place is never empty. Bonya did not have time to transfer your stuff from Monaco to Moscow, as to a person who was willing to bestow her another child. Or two. In my 37 Victoria realized what a great happiness, and happy that you have found a worthy candidate for paternity.
“Let’s just say I have a man who takes care of me and love me. Only time will tell. Today, I’m not looking for a relationship for a relationship, I look at man as a potential father of my future children. To be held like a mother to me now is more important than anything” — open up Them.