May 9: where to watch fireworks

9 Мая: где смотреть праздничный салют

Want to see the traditional fireworks on Victory Day? The editors of Woman’s Day has prepared a list of the most suitable sites, offering panoramic views of the fireworks.

This year for holiday fireworks scheduled 30 rounds of 76-millimeter guns ZIS-3 times of the great Patriotic war and firing units on the basis of “KAMAZ” with an electronic trigger system.

The duration of the fireworks – 10 minutes. Traditionally it will start at 22:00 and it will spend 449-th separate salute battalion.

Pyrotechnic sketches will provide 72 salute installations, which will be located in 16 locations throughout the city (the main place to start – Vorobyovy Gory and Poklonnaya Gora).

In the pursuit of the strongest impressions many anxious to get to Red square – and absolutely nothing! Hence the fireworks on May 9 will be visible not as good as it seems. In addition, the main square of Moscow, most likely, will be closed, so to view it is better to choose another place – for example, one of the bridges across the Moscow river.

By the way, the largest number of firing units traditionally will be placed on Poklonnaya hill. Another good place to watch fireworks, – the observation deck on the Sparrow hills, which offers a stunning view of the city at night. A good point for contemplation salute volleys can be found on the Crimean bridge, the Patriarchal bridge, the bridge “Bagration” or even from the Third transport ring near the “Moscow-city”.

The launch point of the fireworks May 9, 2016:

1. Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill – point No. 1 in the Alley of the guerrillas 400 metres from the Museum of the great Patriotic war.

2. Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill – point No. 2 on the hill near the entrance.

3. Luzhniki – Luzhnetskaya embankment, across from a Large sports arena.

4. ENEA – the square between farm street and the Northern gateway to ENEA.

5. Novo-Peredelkino – a wasteland on the shore of the pond, Fedelino street, the house 18.

6. Lianozovo – Sochi on the shore of the pond, street Novgorod, the house 38.

7. Izmailovo is a town named after Bauman, the site on the Bank of Serebryano-Vinogradny pond.

8. Kuzminki – platform ROSTO, street District, building 3A, building 1.

9. Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo is the territory of Tushino airfield, 500 metres South-West of Volokolamsk highway.

10. Mitino Park FLC “aquamarine”, Roslovka street, house 5.

11. Obruchevo – Playground 60 metres South-East of the main building of PFUR, Miklukho-Maklay str., 6, building 1.

12. Borisovskie Prudy – the area of the embankment of the Moscow river, ulitsa Borisovskie Prudy, house 25, building 2.

13. South Butovo on the banks of the Chernevsky pond, street of Academician Pontryagin, the house 11, the case 3.

14. District left Bank – friendship Park, the area around the sculpture “Friendship of continents”, street festival, building 2B.

15. Zelenograd – on the shore of a pond in Victory Park, lake Avenue, building 8.

16. Troitsk – on site Physical Institute of the RAS, 300 meters North-East of 11 possessions, Physical, street, ownership 11.

Don’t forget that the most convenient locations for viewing the fireworks May 9, is expected a large influx of viewers, so if you want to choose a good seat should come early. In addition, think in advance about ways to retreat: at the end of the fireworks a metro station will work only on output. Have a nice evening and bright impressions!

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