Beckham admitted that the Spice Girls still hate her and revenge

Бекхэм призналась, что в Spice Girls до сих пор ее ненавидят и мстят

But in vain! Because very soon, the team plans to once again reunite.

It is now thousands of girls from all over the world dream to dress, look, what else there is to live like Victoria Beckham. Luxury house, a tidy sum in the accounts, the Royal dressing room and husband David Beckham. What else is necessary for happiness?!

Now, probably nothing. At least Victoria Beckham. But it is now. Few people know that the path to glory it was very, very difficult.

Eight years after the breakup of the Spice Girls Victoria said that the former “peppercorn” its just hated. So much so that the singer would shut off the microphones during performances.

“They turn it off (MIC. — approx. ed.) and just gave the others to sing. I had the last laugh – now my microphone is finally well and truly enabled,” – said Beckham.

However, enemies in the team Victoria had made on purpose. Well, first, even then she had a bright appearance. And secondly, she’s always dressed better than other girls.

“Colleagues are quite satisfied things are cheaper brands that are made for them for free. And I had to save to get the little Gucci dress,” explained Beckham, writes The Sun.

When the group disbanded, Victoria, recorded only a few solo songs, he decided to abandon singing career. As confirmed by a former team Manager Simon fuller, he advised Beckham to make a career in the fashion industry. And not in vain! Wife dresses sexy football player sold certainly more than plates…

But more curious! Recently the press has reported that the Spice Girls going to reunite and go on a big tour. But Victoria and this time was not invited. But in vain! One would her name have provided the team notices.

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