Максим Виторган зарабатывает на детях
The actor held the first event in the company of his daughter.

Photo: Instagram

Maxim Vitorgan boasted successes 21-year-old daughter Polina: she’s already invited to the event. However, only in company with a famous dad, but still! A few Christmas corporate events — and even a young artist can make money on a vacation somewhere in a five star hotel in the Maldives. And when your name Vitorgan, and more.

“For the first time are together with Polina corporate, — said Maxim. — To have children and let them work for you, brats! Nothing, because! Even on this photo you can see who is working and who is just beautiful! (Laughs). Pauline, the next time you tricks, charades and throat singing!”

Of course, Maxim said all this in jest, but every joke, as you know, is the truth. Certainly, in a very short time for the “luxury” of Vitorgan will fight all the organizers of the party. Fee, respectively, also will be higher…

Polina while not seriously thinking about this. This fall she made her debut on the theatrical stage. She plays Sonia in the play “Vanya” based on the play by Anton Chekhov. The project “the Theater outside the Theater” has changed the venue of the action in the old Moscow apartment, where viewers are not so much witnesses as participants in the drama in the house Serebryakov.

“It is very interesting to unravel the Chekhovian text. Decipher the text, and it seems solve himself. This idea is very interesting, and I still don’t know what will happen and what will happen, nobody knows, because all this for the first time. It’s even cooler that we have shared …a step in the great unknown,” says Pauline Vitorgan.