Julia Kovalchuk hides the extra pounds

Юлия Ковальчук скрывает лишние килограммы
The singer has published in “pregnant” dress.

Photo: Instagram

35-year-old Julia Kovalchuk for the first time became a mother a little over two months ago. Overweight girl never experienced in his life — got lucky with the genes. But pregnancy could not “go unnoticed”.

First, fans note, how has the face of Julia. Externally, the singer began to look much more relaxed and peaceful than before. In her eyes, happiness and a bit of fatigue. The latter, incidentally, quite normal, given that the star for the first time prefer to take care of a newborn, without resorting to the services of nannies. By the way, it now leaves the daughter in the care of his mother and nanny only for the duration of his absence. The star has already started to return to its usual rhythm of life and for all plans and projects.

Yesterday it held its first corporate after the birth of a child — new year dinner on TV “HEAT.” Kovalchuk is a versatile artist. She sings, and is fine TV show and is a great “showman”. For the evening, which she spent entirely in the world, Kovalchuk chose high dark boots and a loose light dress. “Doberemosya” concert dresses until sit perfectly on her figure, and Kovalchuk can’t stand anything “imperfect”. This dress can easily hide two kilos of stars that have not yet gone after childbirth, and she felt confident.

Many fans are also very interested in the question of how Kovalchuk cope with breastfeeding, because she says that her little daughter is fed exclusively mother’s milk. It’s simple: the star always carries a breast pump and a special container for storage of milk. This allows the milk not to burn out and to be on time, but baby, in the absence of Yulia home, fed from a bottle with anatomical nipple.