Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina made peace

Ольга Бузова и Ксения Бородина заключили мир
Hosts of the show “Dom-2” have reconciled after a quarrel.

Ольга Бузова и Ксения Бородина заключили мир

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

A little over a month ago, fans of the reality show “Dom-2” was the perplexed: between the two main leading project obviously ran a cat. They never published a joint photo, stopped to say Hello at events and on their holidays ceased to call each other, although I was “thick as thieves”.

As it turned out, the cause of their quarrel was the solo career of Olga Buzova on the stage. Due to constant touring and concerts, the girl almost stopped going to telestroke. Her shift was redistributed among the rest leading, and wages, meanwhile, according to rumors no one was added. Buzova continued to get their money from the creators of the show.

So it actually or not, the stars themselves, of course, did not comment, after all, their earnings — this is a commercial secret. The fact remains that Olga and Ksenia stopped to chat.

Subscribers stars “get” both of them questions, that they gave an indirect explanation of what happened.

“Once, and hopefully forever, I want to close the issue with the friendship! — wrote Borodin. — I already many times wrote that I had a lot of girlfriends, so I was a child, loved the large company and was always open to communication. I don’t immediately see the shortcomings of people, rather do not want to notice them, always give people a chance to unfold, because the circumstances are different! As you have noticed, I have almost no friends in show business, there are many people with whom I communicate, who I respect, but I have friends there for sure! I don’t believe in this friendship and I will never believe in her, I guess, there are exceptions, but I have not seen. I communicate with many, but to call it a friendship, too loud!”

This attack His also said online: “So many meetings fleeting and fake friends! After my solo concerts, I once again convinced of this… it Hurts, but I’ll manage. I’m no stranger! Thank you that you are always with me!”

It now appears that this “hatchet” is buried. On the set of one of the Christmas editions of “House-2”, which was attended by all leading the project, Olga and Xenia was finally able to talk about what happened, figure it out and make up.

Their joint photo appeared in a personal blog Borodina. She signed it: “And we have Buzova already the New year!” And put lots of hearts. Buzova, in turn, has noted in the comments Xenia and also put a lot of hearts. Olga, by the way, later also published a picture of them, but from a different angle.