Максим Матвеев оправдался за сорванный спектакль
The actor spoke about the reasons for the cancellation of the “Kynaston”.

Maxim Matveev

Photo: @maxim_matveev_ Instagram Maksim Matveev

Artists often tell in interviews that they planned to disrupt a speech for them — this is a nightmare. To avoid this, they are ready to go on stage with a high temperature or at the time of difficult life situations. However, the failed performance or concert is not always the fault of the artists. Last Sunday in the Theater of Oleg Tabakov was canceled “Kynaston” with Maxim Matveev in the title role. The next day, the actor apologized to disappointed fans and told about what happened behind the scenes while the audience waited for the play to begin.

“I am very sorry about what happened yesterday, the sudden cancellation of the play “the Actor”… Alas, here, the role played by factors that are sometimes difficult to control and impossible to foresee: the fault has been detected scenery. This not only would give us the opportunity to conduct a full performance, but also would have put at risk the performers! — said Maxim. — Actors until the very last moment was sitting on the stage in makeup and costume, waiting for the start, and technical service of the theater valiantly tried to cope with the problem, but alas!”

Incidentally, for the sake of role play by Jeffrey Hatcher Maxim extremely thin. It is completely rebuilt, gave up meat and cut portion sizes. “It all came together. He began for himself, and turned to the role in the play “the Actor” directed by Evgeny Pisarev. First, the Director has set the goal to lose weight. Second, the ephemeral character of such people that wanted to add him to zero gravity,” said Maxim.