Нюша решилась на откровенное признание о беременности
The singer has removed the taboo about the upcoming birth of their first child.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha Instagram Nyusha

Nyusha finally stopped driving fans of the “nose” and admitted that he really waiting for the firstborn. For personal reasons the singer wanted to keep her pregnancy secret, but the changes to the figure before the time gave out her secret. The singer ignored the questions of journalists and fans about his “situation”. But today Nyusha for the first time confirmed information that was already some time discussed in the press.

“Yes, we expect replenishment. It is a great joy for me. At a certain time is not accepted to talk about it. A few months there were various rumors, I did not want to comment on something. Now it has become obvious,” said Jane.

In addition, 27-year-old singer reached out to fans and the media with a request to treat it with understanding.

“I hope everyone will understand my position, and this fact will not again grow into fictional details”, — quotes the singer Super.ru. True, what the facts announced in the press, were fictitious, the artist is not specified. Last summer Jane got married. She married Igor Sivova, who, incidentally, has two children from a previous marriage.