Юлианна Караулова прокомментировала ссору с Ольгой Бузовой
Fans of the TV star gave the singer the persecution.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Alexander Camber

Yulianna Karaulova, tired of the attacks of fans of Olga Buzova, said that located in a wonderful relationship with star. She denies that she Buzova was a conflict and assures her not to apologize.

Over the weekend fans of the hit Julianna with criticism. According to fans Buzova, Karaulova struck Olga insult that had to apologize. We are talking about the episode Award RU.TV held over the weekend. In the status of leading the ceremony Julianna hurt Olga, who took the stage with the award for “His year.” She reportedly killed the TV star, and then asked her to quickly leave the scene. Buzova in response to experiences trembling voice said something like leading should learn not to interrupt artists.

After this incident, microblogging Karaulova, supplemented by hundreds of comments from fans of Olga. Fans Buzova, frustrated by the behaviour of leading the ceremony, in a rough form demanded from the ex-soloist of the group “5sta Family” a public apology.

“Fans of Olga Buzova is very attentive to her and inconsiderate of others. We with Olga great relationship. The ceremony was live, it was necessary to meet at a certain timing, and I was urging editors. We had time to greet each guest and give him a chance. So it turned out. No animosity between us. I respect her very much”, — quotes Karaulov Дом2Life.