Максим Галкин против, чтобы его дети стали артистами Children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin is the real star of instagram. Photos and videos with them constantly publishes famous dad. Despite the fact that Lisa and Harry show actress, comedian does not want to work in show business.
Максим Галкин против, чтобы его дети стали артистами

The heirs of a famous family from birth, are under the scrutiny of fans and journalists. To hide the appearance of twins born to a surrogate mother, the star couple did not hide. And now all Maxim Galkin often shared funny clips from the life of a four year old Harry and Lisa. So, my daughter pleases parents dances, songs and fashion shows, and his son, a brilliant mind.

The comedian admitted that the kids are very artistic, but doesn’t hide — he didn’t want the children to follow in the footsteps of their parents and chose the stage profession.

“Sing some of their songs, dance their dances, work with imaginary objects, and so wanted to at least someone in the family had not been an artist,” wrote Maxim Galkin.

Максим Галкин против, чтобы его дети стали артистами

Photos and video featuring Harry and Lisa always gather the most comments on the page Galkina, mostly approving. Fans without hesitation a Declaration of love to the twins star couples, noting not only their skills but also good character kids.

Now the family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin resting abroad — the stars rented a house in Sardinia, where they spend the summer together with the heirs. The diva spends the twins, and her husband sometimes flies to Moscow for shooting and concerts.

Pugacheva and Galkin are trying to develop kids — toddlers learn to read and write not only in Russian but also in English and French languages fluent in their father.

Максим Галкин против, чтобы его дети стали артистами

Will Harry and Lisa’s footsteps, of course, is to make early. Although the famous clan boasts a stellar heirs. Kristina Orbakaite started my career as a dancer, and eventually succeeded and as a singer and as a dramatic actress. Her elder son Nikita was studying abroad on the Director, but later brought a music band, deciding to devote himself to the career of the artist.

Kristina herself does not exclude that her youngest daughter Claudia to become an artist. By the way, now Claudia Zemtsova resting with his grandmother and her children.