Джордж Клуни, травмированный в аварии, уже вернулся на съемочную площадку!
The actor impressed with his courage.

George Clooney


The participants of the filming of catch-22 in Sardinia applauded appeared on set
the site of George Clooney. Because only 10 days ago, he was gospitalizirovany. At first it looked quite alarming, as it became known, the motorcycle Clooney was shot down
a car moving at a high enough speed. But looking around George
doctors, fortunately, have not found one truly serious internal injuries
organs or broken bones. He received numerous bruises, abrasions and damage
the knee. And, according to unofficial information, even a slight concussion.

However, the doctors told Clooney that full
restoring he will need in less than 20 days. But in less than two weeks
as George decided to proceed with the work. The fact that he is very worried about
the fate of the series about the pilots of the Second World War. After all, George in the show
only plays a major role, but also is the producer and one of the

After a motorcycle accident, George Clooney appears to be back to business filming on set of #Catch22 in Sutri, Italy | ?: Mega #georgeclooney

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Appearing on the set, Clooney smiled, gave instructions to team members and even helped to rearrange the props. From outside could seem that it is already in order. However, taken by the paparazzi shots show that still less than a week ago, he could barely stand. Reporters ambushed him at the airport when he moved hunched over and desperately lame. And only with the help of his wife Amal was able to climb aboard a small private plane, korom he flew to Rome – probably for additional medical consultations.

Recall that the accident, which injured actor was not at fault Clooney. It all happened due to the fact that the local – Antonello Villino, the driver of the car brand “Mercedes”, not lost on a fork, as it should be according to the rules of the road bike 57-year-old actor, resulting in the collision occurred. Since both vehicles were moving at high speed, from strong blow the machine casing George was thrown from the seat, and he flew several meters through the air before he crashed to the ground. As he considers Clooney, he was saved by the fact that he was wearing a motorcycle helmet…