Valery Meladze wants to return to the “Golden” composition “VIA gra”

Валерий Меладзе хочет вернуть «золотой» состав «ВИА Гры» The new composition of the group “VIA Gra” for five years. First of Valery Meladze has repeatedly worked with the most famous member of the team, but the new girls were not never. Singer believes that the stage should return to the old soloists.
Валерий Меладзе хочет вернуть «золотой» состав «ВИА Гры»

Vera Brezhneva, and Anna Sedokova and Hope Granovskaya – the same trio, which to this day nostalgic fans. For them “VIA Gra” will always be associated with these soloists.

Five years ago, the group was formally finished to exist, and a year later Konstantin Meladze had a new band with the same name. Now the sexy trio is Anastasia Kozhevnikova, Eric Herceg and Olga Muganskaya, replacing the recently departed on maternity leave Misha Romanov. However, the new membership is not happy neither the fans nor the brother of the producer. First of Valery Meladze has recorded multiple hits with the “Golden composition”, and removed the clips. But the new girls have not yet had the honor to sing with a famous singer.

“VIA Gra” is a project forever. Mainly due to the fact of baggage and those songs which were written by Peter. Honestly, I am very sad that collapsed the old structure. Kostya wrote these songs could sing and adult women. Very sad when people get tired of working in show business. It happens for different reasons. I in any case do not put anyone to blame. There are different circumstances,” said Meladze in a recent interview
Валерий Меладзе хочет вернуть «золотой» состав «ВИА Гры»

Recall the musical group “VIA Gra”, which won millions of hearts, was founded in the beginning of “zero”. After the release of the video for “Ocean and three rivers” Valery Meladze barrage of criticism.

Albina dzhanabaeva showed passion with Valery Meladze

“After the song a woman came up to me and said, “You are a serious singer, you can sing with these randies?”. I somehow survived it all,” recalled Valery.

Konstantin Meladze immediately realized that the Duo of his brother with “VIA Gras” is a success, so the producer and continued the experiment. Were later recorded the song “there is no more gravity”, which has received less recognition than the previous one. “This song is so deep and interesting! I love it. And clip love. We were all in some superform: and I and the girls, and the operator, and the Director, and artist, and definitely the coast. It was the augmentation of all our energies, some kind of explosion in creativity”, — said Meladze with “Around the TV”.