Maxim Galkin gave a tour of the castle in the Mud

Максим Галкин провел экскурсию по замку в Грязи The artist has published panoramic video. Maxim Galkin shared with subscribers “Instagram” video, which showed the nature of the village. Attentive followers immediately realized that the footage was taken from the window of the home of the humorist.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva own luxurious castle in one of the city’s suburbs. However, their luxurious housing rarely gets into the lens. However, before the husband of the prima Donna has published in the Internet account, where you can see the surroundings of the estate. In the video, the artist showed the local nature and weather conditions. He joked on the fact that only 14 days had to change all the seasons.

“Russia, my love! Even contrasts good! And it’s a difference in two weeks” – simply signed post Galkin.

Later Maxim has posted a series of photos in which the castle is depicted from different angles. Star was glad that at last came the warm time, and everything was green. But the attention of fans attracted not blooming flowers, and white stone facades and Gothic sculpture. Users of the social network managed to discern even small details of the castle and called it the epitome of luxury.

“How gorgeous. Beautiful. Who as works, as they say. Nice to see. Your children as Prince and Princess live in the Palace. And you with Alla Borisovna – the king and Queen!”, “Very comfortable with you there!” “A beautiful view! Maxim, let’s now take a more detailed tour! Interesting fact,” wrote the followers Galkin.

By the way, recently the comedian indulges subscribers family the staff. It often relieves the heirs, in the interior of the castle, and then upload photos to the Network. For example, recently in the celebrity account, there was a whole series of images from Lisa and Harry. The children were captured in the lobby before heading out. Maxim Galkin gave Harry and Lisa photoshoot in the castle

Recall that Alla Pugacheva went to live with a spouse six years ago. Since then, the husband and wife together in the decoration of the castle. So, once they were noticed at time of purchase antique chest of drawers for 200 thousand euros and other Antiques. Now the star couple tries to create a comfortable environment for their heirs. They get children’s furniture and other interior items for Harry and Lisa.