Anton Gusev has shared details of the wedding with Victoria romanet

Антон Гусев поделился деталями свадьбы с Викторией Романец Today, 26 may, the young people filed an application to the Registrar. Anton Gusev said the “StarHit” about the upcoming marriage with Victoria romanet. In early July, the lovers will officially become husband and wife.
Антон Гусев поделился деталями свадьбы с Викторией Романец

For over half a year of the stars “House-2” Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet associate romantic feelings. The lovers quickly realized that they were literally created for each other, and therefore did not marry. “StarHit” became the witness of how the man made an offer hands and hearts beloved, and today, the couple filed an application to the Registrar. Engagement Gusev and Romanets: “I begged Vicky forgiveness for cheating”

Despite the fact that Victoria is going to get married, she wasn’t worried a bit at the crucial moment. On the contrary, the pair took this step as a holiday – all the way lovers were joking and kidding.

“The wedding date we were appointed on the seventh of July. My whole life haunted by the number “seven” to bring good luck, so, I think that this marriage is destined for success,” admitted Anton, “StarHit” immediately after leaving the Registrar’s office.
Антон Гусев поделился деталями свадьбы с Викторией Романец

Now the bride and groom fully engaged in preparing for the wedding. Gusev admitted that on the weekend they go to choose a restaurant in the capital, which will host the occasion. Despite the fact that before the Grand date is just over a month, the man hopes to meet the deadline.

“We already know what we want in terms of design, – says Anton. In the decor we stick to pale turquoise. Guests we will have not so much call somewhere 110. Will, of course, relatives and closest friends. The cake will order from famous pastry chef Renata agzamova”.
Антон Гусев поделился деталями свадьбы с Викторией Романец

Unlike some couples who organize a formal ceremony and Banquet on different days, Gusev and romanet plan to do it all at once, in a restaurant they plan to arrive after the Registrar’s office. Anton said that Vick has already chosen wedding dress. She ordered the outfit from Kyiv designer.

Also future spouses are already dreaming about the honeymoon. A long time ago they decided that will go to the most romantic city in the world.

“Right after the wedding we’ll take a trip to France. Be sure to visit Paris, and visit on the Cote d’azur. I think that I will be on holiday somewhere for two weeks. I’m not worried about the business going business monitor online. The main thing – to spend time together with Vika”, – told about the plans of Anton.