Liberi Kadono admitted that he could not forgive the ex-spouse

Либерж Кпадону призналась, что не может простить экс-супруга The girl shared with subscribers of personal experiences. Ex-member of telestroke Liberi Kadono published in Instagram a post that said that still not recovered from the breakup with former lover.

The star of “House-2” Liberi Kadono tells the followers on the microblog innermost thoughts and dreams. Her fans are sure that their favorite is sincere and open person. Recently, the celebrity has posted a new post of a personal nature. The recognition of beauty, she still cannot recover from the breakup with ex-boyfriend. “I am trying, but I feel that it is impossible,” complained the brunette to his fans.

Loyal fans of the star immediately realized that the cause of her pain is her ex-husband Evgeny Rudnev. They hastened to console celebrity, writing her words of encouragement and expressing compassion. Many subscribers beauties agreed that the man should not experiences Kadono. They wanted darling to find happiness and stop being sad.

“Liberi, the sun you ours! Fuck everything and everyone! We are with you!”, “Live as your heart tells you!”, “Be happy!”, “Everything will be fine! You’ll see!”, “My love, stop crying! And your heart will be filled again when you meet the right person! It was always clear that Eugene is not it!” commented on users of the social network post star.

Recall that the family Kadono and Rudnev broke up two years ago. The young people have lived together for only six months. Almost immediately after the marriage the man began to talk about the divorce. He was sure that their couple will inevitably face collapse. However, the new husband also regretted the decision. The brunette complained, not listening to parents, discouraged her from marriage with Rudnev.

While the girl is in search of a new happiness. She believes that will be able to forget ex-lover and have feelings for another man. By the way, Eugene coped with the divorce is much easier than ex-wife. Recently it became known that the young man has again tied the knot. This time with beloved star of telestroke became his client of the fitness club. Interestingly, the young people almost immediately fell in love with each other, but after six months after meeting, they held their engagement party. The star of “House-2” Eugene Rudnev married a client of the fitness club