Maxim Fadeev was first told about quarrels with the wife

Максим Фадеев впервые рассказал о ссорах с женой
Famous producer and composer revealed the mysteries of family life.

Maxim Fadeev


In an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”, Maxim Fadeev, infrequent pampering fans with revelations about his personal life, told a wonderful story of meeting with his wife Natalia, whom he calls the love of his life.

“The first time I got married really early — at eighteen
years, — says Maxim Fadeev. — At sixteen left home to live separately and earn. However,
settled at grandma’s that did not interfere to feel independent.
Two years later, married, and a year later divorced. That’s the whole story. We
too many different people was, and young, which is already there. And then
met Natasha — the woman next twenty-five years. She me
walked into work today and talked to dressed warmer, weather
deteriorated. Wasn’t that great?

And that’s how met. Were casting, we were looking for
the dancer in the clip of our group “Convoy”. Sat with the guys at the table and with a clever
was thinking if we dance next contestant or not.
Comes a girl, and for some reason I said: O!

— Do you know her? — asked the man.

— Of course, this is my wife!

— What’s her name?

— And now we will find out.

So that was a squirt.

— Girl, what’s your name?

— Natasha.

— Natasha, to be my wife! You will come here tomorrow

— Probably not, I to the grandmother in village food.

— Do not leave, — I said and knelt down.

The next day she came to the shooting of a simple clip,
we decided to shoot on VHS, which then seemed the height of cool. And

In General, arrived in Moscow with his wife. When we were two shopping bags,
one with condensed milk, with the canned meat. Was staying with a friend in
two-bedroom apartment. At first he and his parents treated us
well. I thought we all sincerely love each other. And very thankful
time, although now this person removed from my life for various reasons.
Betrayed, to improve their situation, is much simpler?.. We have lived from each other,
let’s call it, say, Misha, three months. We were fed and watered. The money is not
was. I learned a lot from him. Misha — the Muscovite, in a big city like fish in
the water, I’m strange guy from the Mound. The capital seemed vague, frightening giant.
Friend said that we must be able to off heart and soul, only then can
to achieve something in Moscow. By the way, I never learned. And then there was
much emotionally depressed. The rules of the game too different from what
my father and mother. I think it still leads to many of my conflicts.

Natalia immediately agreed to go anywhere with bags?

— The Urals close to Asia, and my wife is essentially a typical
Oriental woman. She just goes after a man, and all. Without having to
issues, not patronizing, not dictating terms. Can leave for three days, and she will be
are only concerned for the weather if dressed and fed do. Never heard from her
of the key issues in the “Where have you been?” or orders “Let me see your phone.” Even
to imagine wildly. We were fighting something twice in all that time. However,
once she nearly left… Before that, we experienced a terrible tragedy,
comparison with which domestic troubles about which you asked — the smallest

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