Вика Дайнеко: «Меня чуть не сбили прямо на пешеходном переходе!»
The singer told about the quarrel with the driver of an expensive car.

Vika Dayneko

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Vika Dayneko shared with fans unpleasant
road story that happened to her in Moscow.

“Me yesterday what that uncle on the infinity almost hit
right on the crosswalk while I was walking to their parked cars —
Vika speaks. Considering I’m in heels, and has already passed some of
the transition, he still went out on him and refused to slow down to 20 inches
from me! I looked at him an offended look, said a kind word, and
went on. Go and see him again. He wanted to stand on my
place. I think: how so? It is not enough,
almost hit me in the crosswalk, so I still place him Parking provided!
Went to the middle of the road and thought long and hard what to do. Stuck in the middle window
finger (like a true girl from the village) and drove on. Now sit and think:
I had to leave the Parking lot in reverse gently until you would have parked
him gently into the bumper. But as always. After a quarrel, or some
unpleasant situations come to mind words that should be said or
the actions that had to be made. A win is still a positive side…”

By the way, in a recent interview 7days.ru Dayneko
admitted that she herself — not always a perfect driver.

“I got a story wrong
Parking — says the singer. — I once went to the Assembly concert in
“Olympic”. In my team was working as a dancer from Brussels. Moscow
she knew bad, and we agreed that I would meet her at the metro station “Prospect Mira”. I
the advance came and, taking in his arms his dog, went to a cafe where we decided
wait dancer. Fifteen minutes later she pulled up, go out to meet her
and I understand that my car is gone — evacuated! And her costumes for performances!
In the end, we all went to the impound lot. It was a very fun quest! Only
imagine: I’m in high heels, on hands doggy running alongside the girl from
Brussels, which doesn’t speak Russian…

In “Olympic” we flew the most
the last minute of the concert — just not yet. Apparently, fate was not me
to speak that day. I usually pay attention to the signs, and then… I Saw the same
that stood next to the sign “Parking prohibited”, but hoped for the best. With
me it usually doesn’t work: if I break, I always come across. Only
one time was when I deliberately broke the rules, but didn’t stop me.
I once again was late to the concert and realized that if we go by the rules
we will lose another 15 minutes. With me were my guys-actors, I told them: “So,
get discs, preparing the handle — will give autographs to the cops” — and turned
the sign “only directly”. Fortunately, at that moment, police was not there. And
once I was saved by contrition. Heading to St. Petersburg, I decided to
the highway to pass a car. But miscalculated and ended up overtaking already using
a continuous strip. And then I saw that my machine closely watched
police. They have not been able to wave a magic wand as I am to them
arrived. Speak in a voice of entreaty: “I in any case did not want to break
rules, I generally do not like it, but it happened.” In General, they me
sorry: released and rights are not taken away. Although he harshly warned to
was more careful.