Tamara Semina doesn’t manage to get congratulatory telegrams from the theatre

Тамара Семина не успевает забирать поздравительные телеграммы из театра
The star of the Soviet screen, was 78 years old.

Tamara Semina

Photo: Natalia Loginova

Today people’s artist of Russia Tamara Semina was 78 years old. “My phone this morning
literally red-hot, — said Tamara Petrovna with 7days.ru. — Call friends and colleagues from Moscow, Kaluga and other cities
the former Soviet Union, called a friend from France. And infinitely are
congratulatory telegrams, including government. And not only
home, but in the theatre. By the way, theatre also called, congratulated, and asked: “Tamarochka,
how would you all this?”. Don’t know yet, I have a very tight shooting
schedule. But, of course, my pleasure”.

Recall that Tamara Semina graduated from VGIK in 1961 (class of Olga
Pyzhovoy). Started acting while still a student, including during his studies has played a
Katusha Maslova in the film “Resurrection”, for this role was recognized by the readers of “Soviet
screen” best actress of 1961. Played in more than 100 films and TV shows
the most famous of which is “the Serf actress”, “Eternal call”, “Tavern on
Pyatnitskaya”, “Dangerous friends,” “Still love, still hope”, “Lonely
the hostel”, “Plot”, “Auntie Barbara” and others.

Edition 7days.ru congratulates Tamara
Petrovna, happy birthday and wish all your favorite artist health, well-being
and new prominent roles.