Maxim Fadeev told the name of the new soloist Serebro

Максим Фадеев назвал имя новой солистки Serebro

Who left the band Daria Casinoi found a replacement.

Today in the band Serebro new girl. She is 22 years old, and she is also blonde.

“Kate Kischuk is a new member of the group Serebro”, – reported in social networks by Maxim Fadeev.

We have to admit that the girl is loved by the fans of the band. In comments to the post they thanked the producer for a worthy choice.

“The most worthy! Maxim, thanks for Your creativity!”, “I voted for it! The girl is talented,” wrote the Internet users Maxim Fadeev.

The casting to choose a new soloist of the group was held online in a social network “Vkontakte”. Fadeev chose a girl from the fan of Serebro, looking through their photos.

Former member Daria Shashina, recall, left the band for health reasons. She was diagnosed with “congenital dysplasia of the knee”, which progressed due to permanent loads.

“Doctors strongly forbid to make,’ said Darya Shashina journalists and fans. — I’m not allowed to simply climb stairs, run, squat and so on. I don’t know what will. I continue to consult with doctors. Now waiting for a response from the Israeli clinic, where I’m on the Board of Maxim sent MRI”.

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