Ex-soloist of “VIA gra” revealed the cause of quarrels with Brezhnev and Dzhanabaeva

Экс-солистка «ВИА Гры» раскрыла причину ссор с Брежневой и Джанабаевой The singer remembered the attitude of the bandmates. Olga Romanovskaya believes that Vera Brezhnev and Albina dzhanabaeva treated her as a rival. The actress for eight months she was a soloist of “VIA gra”.

      Экс-солистка «ВИА Гры» раскрыла причину ссор с Брежневой и Джанабаевой

      In 2006 in the popular group “VIA Gra” pauliasi new participant. She was burning brunette Olga Romanovskaya. But the young singer is not so long delighted the audience with their talent. After less than a year, Olga announced that he was leaving the group due to the fact that expecting a baby. Despite the fact that Romanov was in the team for eight months, according to her, she did not feel for those with whom I worked. Moreover, Olga told about the conflicts that arose between her and the other soloists – Vera Brezhneva Albina and Dzhanabaeva.

      “Faith was meaner to the little things, and even Alba made a comment, as I thought, no way. Over the years I think I understand the main reason of our quarrels. Anyway, and this rivalry, friends there. heels we, of course, no sawed and tights didn’t tear. But each wanted to be the best – and in the eyes of Bone, and in the eyes of the audience,” Olga remembered the time when she was still a part of “VIA gra”.

      Only in the beginning of my career as part of a group Olga tried to measure up to their celebrity counterparts. She literally worshipped them and tried to match the status of the soloist of “VIA gra” – visited the same salon as that of Brezhnev, bought brand clothes and went to the fitness room. But all of these expenses fees the singer is barely enough. Olga recalls that he received for his work in the group is much smaller than Vera and Albina. But then Romanovskaya thought it was completely fair, because women have long worked in the legendary group.

      Brezhnev dzhanabaeva and sympathetic to the problems faced by Olga early in his career, and tried to help her. However, after they criticized her performance, when she sang on stage with high fever, Romanov stopped meekly to endure criticism from her colleagues on the stage. At that moment, she waited for the words of support from people, which he considered his second family, but noticed a different reaction.

      “Saw Faith with Albina as if something began to scribble in phones. Wrote text messages to Costa. I realized that now I will get a message from him with a scolding. And it came, will not quote, although I still remember it verbatim. Very hurtful. I think that was when I first gave voice to the man who will not let yourself hurt,” said Romanovskaya.

      Olga began to realize that gradually began to transform from an aspiring singer to a confident performer. She could also, like all confident to comment on the reports after the concert, criticizing their colleagues.


      “Energetic and quick-tempered Brezhnev was constantly upset with me. I would be silent, but I was not always able to contain myself. Don’t look to faith as the goddess from the bottom up. Noticed that actually we look. Both the Aquarius horoscope, career girls. I am also emotional and funny. Just the first time you was always on edge and after eight months in a group home. But Faith did not consider me equal. Quarrels broke out more often, sent each other to hell,” said Romanovskaya.

      Despite all the infighting, now with former colleagues Olga maintains friendly relations. When Romanov announced his departure, everyone supported her in the quest to become a mother. “Don’t cry. You will become a mother, is the greatest happiness,” he hugged me in the dressing room Albina. I am grateful for the support she and the Director Arthur, who said, “your Main task is to give birth to a healthy baby. Career can wait,” he shared his memories of the singer in interview to magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.

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