Justin Bieber grabbed by the throat

Джастина Бибера схватили за горло

In the Houston nightclub Justin Bieber was a good nerve racking. In the midst of the evening the canadian singer has a row with rapper Post Malone (Malone Post). The latter, unable to withstand the arrogance of Bieber, we decided to hold him by the throat.

Джастина Бибера схватили за горло

In the picture, made a visitor of the club on the phone, apparently, as the rapper holds his left hand arrogant Canadians by the throat. As it turned out, he had his reasons.
The evening began as usual. Together with his friends and colleagues Purpose Justin went to the club. Partying, Bieber decided to shake a cigarette in my hand, the rapper, using it as an ashtray. Post decided not to hold back and not to give the employer such liberties, and instantly reacted, grabbing the canadian by the throat. Evening ceased to be languid.
22-year-old Justin was taken aback and immediately began to behave more decently. Though not for long. When the Post was made by the club, singing their songs, Bieber sat scowling scornfully and rolled her eyes. Will the rapper on tour Justin after this incident, time will tell.

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