Lindsay Lohan has denied the rumor of her engagement

Линдси Лохан опровергла слух о своей помолвке
The diamond ring was not an engagement ring

Линдси Лохан опровергла слух о своей помолвке

Lindsay Lohan at the concert of Duran Duran

Photo: Splash News/East news

Fans of the actress Lindsay Lohan has experienced
a severe disappointment. The fact that the actress has denied that delighted
it was all the news about her engagement. “This story is completely fabricated and not
true!” said on behalf of the actress it official

The hand on Lindsey’s arm shone an impressive decoration with a diamond on her finger, where are supposed to wear a wedding ring

Photo: Splash News/East news

The news allegedly held the engagement of the actress
spread after Lindsay with her boyfriend Egor
Tarasovym appeared at the concert of Duran Duran in
New York, and her hand shone with impressive decoration with diamond on the finger,
where supposed to wear a wedding ring.

Lindsay and Whitney are less likely to occur. As
told the actress that he and her boyfriend met through mutual friends in just seven months
ago. But they quickly found a mutual understanding that their relationship began
to evolve at a breakneck pace. Tarabanov already published with Lindsay, as
his official girlfriend. In addition, in London, where Egor is engaged in the business, they for some time lived under the same roof

Recently it was reported that the boyfriend of Lindsey
not as rich as was reported originally. It was called the billionaire and the son of an oligarch. However, it turned out that actually the father of Tarabarova
— a mediocre businessman, and Egor even don’t have any impressive capital. However, the boyfriend Lindsay works hard
to improve their well-being: in London he has company,
engaged in real estate activities.

As previously reported, the parents of the actress in full
love the new boyfriend’s daughter. They don’t mind the age difference: Tarabanov 7
years younger than Lindsay. “There is nothing to worry, Egor is a very Mature person. Besides, he and Lindsay love each other!” — moved by
the mother of the actress.

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