Maxim Fadeev has chosen a new soloist of the band “SEREBRO”

Максим Фадеев выбрал новую солистку группы «SEREBRO»
Instead Daria Casinoi in the team will sing the model from Tula.

Максим Фадеев выбрал новую солистку группы «SEREBRO»

Kate Kischuk

Photo: VKontakte

Kate Kischuk

Photo: VKontakte

Two weeks ago, Maxim Fadeev announced the start of term casting the group SEREBRO in connection with the departure from the team soloist Daria Casinoi. The girl revealed serious health problems, and she can no longer perform on stage.

efficiency Fadeev decided to hold the casting in the official group
SEREBRO Vkontakte. In
official group SEREBRO during the week it was sent more than sixty thousand
video. Fadeev has watched them all personally. In the end, the producer chose 10 girls, each of whom he invited for a personal interview. The recordings were
published in the same official group of the team, and one of them already
fans SEREBRO chose the soloist. Just voted more than 50 thousand people.

So, the new soloist of the group SEREBRO became the 22-year-old model from Tula, Kate Kischuk. She scored a whopping 43% of the vote — almost 22 thousand people voted for her! The girl at different times has been both a brunette and a blonde, but now she has white hair. And in this way she is very similar to its predecessor — Daria Shashina.

“It was very difficult to choose the girl, — said Fadeev. — We have a lot of requirements, and all of them a new singer needs to match. A lot of talented girls, but let those who did not even make the top ten finalists don’t get upset. We are soon launching a new project — a group of four girls. So maybe we’ll stop for the group by casting in Serebro. We checked all the votes, because there were attempts to “cheat” yourself, beloved, voice. We have identified all the “bad” people, and, of course, took them. Today we are going to record a new English track, which will be released on April 18, with the voice of Katie. She knows English, she is well-versed in music. Two-time champion in hip hop dance”.

As for Daria Casinoi, the state of her health is such that it is unlikely she will be able to return to the group soon.

“It’s hard even just to stand on the stage, — says Maxim. We love her and will wait for her! But this does not mean that I would leave Kate Kischuk. Just the soloists will be four!”

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