Irina Starshenbaum: “From their victims, I take a receipt”

Ирина Старшенбаум: «Со своих жертв я беру расписки»
Star of TV series “roof of the world” admitted that can work as a hairdresser.

Irina Starshenbaum

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Star of TV series “roof of the world” on STS

Irina Starshenbaum admitted that experimenting on his colleagues, but before that takes their receipt.

The fact that the mother and grandmother of the actress — the professional hairdressers. And from childhood they experimented with the hairstyle of Irina. “I was a dummy, says Mr. Starshenbaum. — Grandma sheared quads that I really liked: all of these bows braids are not for me. But mom was experimenting with my head. For example, did supercomplex coloring — I was bright blonde. But one day I freaked out and decided that I wanted without the help of my mom, as an adult, to go to a salon and do something there. When I returned, mum was crying for three days and said, “I give up on you!” Asked in horror: “You and money to pay for this?” Long afterwards did not talk to me and still remembers me the case.”

Took their genes: Irina now she can cut someone from the family, if the person is her, of course, trust. However, before she makes you write a receipt, in which case, no one no one no complaints.

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