22-year-old dancer came to the group SEREBRO

22-летняя танцовщица попала в группу SEREBRO Maxim Fadeev chose the most worthy candidate. To the casting were sent to several thousand of profiles of the contenders. Among the applicants were not only new artists, but also famous artists.

      22-летняя танцовщица попала в группу SEREBRO

      In late March, the producer of the popular girl group SEREBRO Maxim Fadeev announced a large-scale casting. After it became known that the blonde Daria Shashina will not be able to continue singing in the group, it was decided to find a new party. Cry threw up all over the Internet, especially because for the first time the selection was performed in online formet.

      Today, Maxim Fadeev has declared the name for the new soloist of the popular group. It was Kate Kischuk. The girl meets all the necessary requirements that were announced in the beginning of the casting. Girls with good vocal skills, she moves beautifully and has the perfect for group settings – the growth of 170 centimeters, weight of 56 pounds, and the age of the new soloist for 22 years. As noted Fadeev, Kate knows English and she is a double champion in hip hop dance.

      In the broadcast of a television Maxim Fadeev told how the selection took place. Out of 60 thousand applications were selected 10 finalists, which were voted by the users of a social network “Vkontakte”. For the girls were sick more than 50 thousand people, 27 of whom voted for young performer Kischuk. The producer said that today Kate will start recording a new song.

      Moreover, Maxim Fadeev reported that a lot of talented girls sent applications for participation in the casting. He encouraged singers who were not included in the group, talking about that soon plans to create a new maiden Quartet.

      The audition for SEREBRO: the stars of “House-2”, ex-soloist of pop-group and other candidates

      22-летняя танцовщица попала в группу SEREBRO

      Interestingly, the place Dashi claimed not only aspiring singers and professional artists who are far from ignorant on the Russian stage. So, for example, to hit his vocal abilities of the famous 47-year-old producer has already tried 23-year-old Dance Baidavletov of the group “Ranetki”, ex-soloist of “Brilliant” Natalia Asmolova, performer of the hit “White boat” Karina m; and the wife of one of the vocal group “Mayakovski”.

      Recall that after Daria Casinoi was diagnosed with “congenital dysplasia of the knee”, many hoped that the girl would be able to undergo treatment without interrupting their careers. However, the doctors insisted that she stopped exhausting performances and went for surgery to prevent progression of the disease.

      Maxim Fadeev noted that the place for Daria Casinoi in the group will remain. If she decides to come back, then the group SEREBRO will become a Quartet.

      22-летняя танцовщица попала в группу SEREBRO

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