Matilda Shnurova commented on the divorce from her husband

Матильда Шнурова прокомментировала развод с мужем
The girl did not hide his sadness.

Photo: Instagram

This news was like thunder. Yesterday it became known that disintegrated one of the organic pairs of the Russian show-business. Sergey Shnurov has announced that he divorced his wife Matilda.

“With great regret, but by love and gratitude to each other, preventing all sorts of speculation and rumors, we inform Mathilde that made the decision to divorce, — wrote the leader of group “Leningrad”. — Request to all not to violate our personal space. Thank you.”

Now and Mathilde spoke about what happened in his personal blog. She, like Sergei did not tell about the reasons of parting.

“It’s tough to comment on the sad news, which many of you learned today. I will refrain and allow myself personal leave personal. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement to those who sent them to me”, — she wrote.

The news rocked the Russian blogosphere. “How so?! Do not believe! A month ago, Matilda wrote that to live without you! You do what?” — angry fans Shnurov. Indeed, in late April, Mathilde, congratulating her husband on the 45th anniversary, confessed her love for him. “You are a wonderful sample of the rare today qualities as sincerity, honesty, kindness, wit, and irony. And let the years these qualities in you only grow stronger. Due to the fact that you’re so insanely talented and such, we all have your music — all of these hymns of joy and pills from any sorrow. I would like to wish you to be always happy, as it is banal, because your joy means a lot. This coming from you the joy needed to all of us. Because without you — p***y!” she wrote in a personal microblogging.

Cord called a meeting with Matilda, which took place more than 10 years ago, his main life success. Friends of the pair stressed that Matilda ennobled scandalous musician made it stylish and modern. The fans hope that disagreement between spouses is temporary.

From a review of Matilda the fans have decided that she is experiencing. Apparently, the couple broke up not her desire. And, even if the initiator of parting became it, the culprit was the Cord. In the Network there are rumors that the singer cheated on his wife. However, friends of the musician claim that this is not true.