Влюбленная Кэти Перри кардинально изменила имидж
The singer is very serious about the resumption of his novel.

Влюбленная Кэти Перри кардинально изменила имидж

Katy Perry


Katy Perry has shared with fans a spectacular new photo: the singer is imprinted with bright purple hair and dressed in a metallic jacket unusual
the appearance of futuristic armor. “You can call me
purple teletubby!” — so Perry signed this photo. Katie now more than ever, inclined to experiments
over the exterior. After all, he was in a good mood and wants
to changes in her personal life, reflected in her image.

Katie, reunited at the beginning of this year, with Orlando bloom, the renewed passionate novel that tells
about their feelings all the time — even live. At the end of last month, right
during the show, she stunned the audience, suddenly saying: “I’m engaged and
very happy!” Later, she rejected the courtship of the witty co-host,
reminding him that now is not alone.

Recall, Katie and Orlando, which began to meet in 2016, in March 2017 has announced the completion of his novel. However, it took a little more
than six months, as they began
again be seen together. In February this year, Perry arrived at the wedding
sisters, caught the bride’s bouquet, which was perceived as her
the desire to quickly get married. However, after that she with a bouquet
sped rapidly away. Katie commented on his actions: “I
know how to value friendship, but run away from love, which I have…” what Orlando bloom said:
“You can, of course, to try to escape, but you can’t hide from yourself!”

Finally everyone was convinced that Katie and Orlando back together after
two joint visits. First, Orlando went with Katie to Japan
where she gave concerts. Then he made to a favorite romantic vacation
in Rome.

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom