Olga Orlova “betrothed” with a young participant of “House-2”

Ольгу Орлову «сосватали» с молодым участником «Дома-2»
The presenter complained of the lonely life.

Photo: Instagram

None of the fans do not know the details of the current personal life of the singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova. At the time she was married to businessman Alexander Karmanov and bore him a son. Due to a succession of scandals associated with his ex-wife, the marriage of Olga and Alexander broke up. After the divorce, Orlov began to notice with well-known film producer Renat by Davletyarova. They were together for several years. Fans were expecting a wedding, but Davletyarov suddenly married another singer, Eugenia Malakhova.

Hard to believe, but, as it turned out, Olga is now alone. She told about it after one important social events. For gala Orlova has chosen a dress to wear which was a real problem. And all because there was no one who would help her in this difficult matter.

“One of the problems of single — no one to fasten the dress!” — joked the singer.

Fans immediately “solved” the problem of solitude favorite star, which this year will be 41 years old. They asked her to look at the participant reality show “House-2”, which she is leading, Artem Soroka. 28-year-old Belarusian appeared on the project in January of this year and immediately won the love of the public.

“Age is not a problem!”, “You look great together!” — decided fans.