Masha Rasputina has detected an unknown virus

У Маши Распутиной обнаружили неизвестный вирус The singer had contracted during his speech in the Kremlin. The star is now forced to undergo examination in a sanatorium, where she was put on a drip. The doctors still don’t understand what actually happened with Masha Rasputina.

      У Маши Распутиной обнаружили неизвестный вирус

      As you know, from colds and viruses, no one is immune – the stars also sometimes get sick, despite the fact that it turns to serious problems. Celebrities are forced to cancel, to reschedule plans to abandon lucrative contracts. That is why almost every representative of the Russian show-business is carefully watching their health and tries to always keep himself in shape. However, sometimes these efforts are in vain, as it happened with Masha Rasputina. For the past month the singer struggling with an unknown illness. Several times a week, the star is being seen in a luxury sanatorium in Barvikha.

      “It all started after the performance of Masha in the Kremlin, – has shared with “StarHit” the husband of singer Victor Zakharov. – There was a hodgepodge, a lot of people. In the end, the next day the wife wasn’t feeling well: fever, weakness, cough. First blamed on the flu, but when symptoms are not gone in a week, went to the hospital. For a long time did not understand what was happening to her. Then it sort of said that Mary has some kind of virus. Now it regularly happens in the sanatorium, where she was put on a drip and doing other procedures.”

      In addition, Rasputin, being a deeply religious person, observe lent does not eat meat, cheese, eggs and other dairy products. Spouse Victor evstafievich is also part of fasting. This is probably in some ways influenced her health, as in General the body of the actress somewhat weakened.

      “It’s hard for me not to eat protein foods, – Zaharov continues. – For this reason, fast lax: don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat meat. This Mary has done very well. Which year are fasting. However, now such a varied menu that in the post you can even get better.”

      Due to poor physical condition Rasputina had to postpone the birthday celebration may 13. The singer family had planned to fly to Dubai. And now, will likely have to stay in Moscow. The husband of the actress hopes that soon the situation will change, and Rasputin can not only forget about the health problems, but also to return to the Affairs and concerns.

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