Jasmine complained about the complex nature of the child

Жасмин пожаловалась на сложный характер ребенка The singer admitted that he was surprised by the seriousness of the successor. Jasmine recently became a mother of many children and is now trying to none of the offspring did not feel deprived of her attention.

      Жасмин пожаловалась на сложный характер ребенка

      Popular singer Jasmine is a happy mother of three children. Now the eldest son of actress Misha for 19 years, daughter Margaret, four, and little Myron was born just a few days ago, on April 25. Now Jasmine has to distribute their attention so that none of the offspring did not feel deprived. And if the senior heir of the celebrities are quite independent, the daughter still requires constant her mother’s care. Artist acknowledges that the nature of girls is quite difficult.

      “When Margaret was born, I realized that she really turned us serious. Nature, of course, my daughter male! I even Misha was easier to negotiate at this age,” – said Jasmine.

      The singer shared his experiences about how the daughter would take the news that she will have a brother. She tried to explain to the heiress, that soon she will have no rival for parental attention, and another close and dear people.

      “Margaret asks every day when the baby gets here. Complains: “I’m so tired of waiting!” Sometimes put her to sleep in the afternoon or read a bedtime story, the baby’s kicking, and she immediately jumps up: “Let me touch it! And what does he do?” Answer: “he says Hello”. Then she lies down on her stomach and tells him: “I’m waiting, my name is Margarita, I’m your sister.” It’s very touching” – shared the singer.

      Despite the fact that Jasmine is now a mother, she does not intend to leave the stage and go for a long time on maternity leave. She already has big plans for the upcoming autumn, it will begin to go on tour, however, to do so they didn’t last more than five days. She believes her energy, enough for a family and career. And she’s waiting for the doctors allow her to play sports.

      “I swim almost every day with Margo, but it is rather fun. Many say: you were in such great shape before pregnancy. I soothe them: and I will again! Sure will achieve even greater results and will surprise you with their elegance. But the figure then, now all my thoughts only about the baby!” – shared thoughts Jasmine in an interview with “Relax!”.

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