Boris Grachevsky and his young wife had arranged a romantic vacation

Борис Грачевский с молодой женой устроили романтические каникулы The author of the “jumble” and his fiancee enjoy holiday in the Dominican Republic. Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovsky demonstrate tender feelings, being on the ocean.

      Борис Грачевский с молодой женой устроили романтические каникулы

      The Creator of the popular newsreel “jumble” Boris Grachevsky, as you know, last winter for the third time in his life he married. The beloved 67-year-old Director is a 31-year-old actress and singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky.

      Despite the fact that Grachevskiy almost twice older than his young wife, the relationship in this pair formed a very harmonious. In these days of may star husband took his darling to the ocean, in a distant, but very romantic country the Dominican Republic.

      Judging by the photos that Boris Grachevsky tirelessly publishes on his page in Instagram that he and his wife just loved the beauty of the ocean and gorgeous weather that is in these days in the Dominican Republic. The couple spent days rest, bask in the sun at the local Paradise beaches and look absolutely inspired and happy. “The weather is beautiful in wonderful holiday! May 1, far in the Dominican Republic on the beach by the ocean!”, “And from our window see the ocean a bit!”, – so enthusiastically signed pictures in the microblog Creator “jumble”.

      Борис Грачевский с молодой женой устроили романтические каникулы

      We will remind, about the novel the art Director “jumble” Boris Grachevsky with actress and singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky became known just a few months ago. Fans of Boris Grachevsky was nice to see the head of the newsmagazine in the company of the young actress, after all, not so long ago, the master has survived a scandalous divorce with his ex-wife Anna Grachevskii, who bore him a daughter. Ekaterina Belotserkovsky shortly before the New year got on his 31st birthday as a gift from the beloved chic ring and a proposal of marriage. In February lovers already received congratulations on the occasion of the marriage.

      It is interesting to note that the ex-wife of the founder of the newsreel Anna Grachevskaya, too, have found a new love and soon going to marry. With her lover Artem Kuzyakina girl who after her divorce decided to focus solely on his career, met last spring. Their affair had forced Anna to reconsider his attitude to work, and now she perfectly combines love and personal fulfillment. Lovers will go down the aisle this summer.

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