Training Sergey Lazarev to the “Eurovision” began with a PE

Подготовка Сергея Лазарева к «Евровидению» началась с ЧП Famous actor fell on stage. Sergey Lazarev started his rehearsals for the Eurovision in Sweden. All of a sudden the singer, performing complex acrobatic trick, udrzal balance on stage.

      Подготовка Сергея Лазарева к «Евровидению» началась с ЧП

      Sergey Lazarev has arrived in the capital of Sweden in order to begin rehearsals of the main European music contest. 33-year-old artist representing at the competition this year Russia is already preparing the room for the song Philip Kirkorov. At Eurovision he will perform the hit “You are the only one”.

      The first run numbers on stage was not without trouble. As is well known, bidders in recent years, trying to capture the public’s imagination, so for ispania of their songs put technically complex presentation. Was no exception and Sergey Lazarev. The artist used intricate design with 3D-graphics, which was built specifically for the Russian artist.

      When the scenery has set the stage, there were no signs of trouble. However, during a run of a singer, performing a difficult trick, the man does not keep his balance and fell.

      Drop Lazarev occurred during acrobatic element on the projection. The Directors of the competition were sympathetic to emergency incidents. After a few minutes the run was continued. In addition, according to the Russian singer exceptionally allowed three more times to repeat the number.

      We will remind, on April 29 Sergey Lazarev and his team went to Sweden. This year for organizing the trip and broadcast the contest is responsible RTR. As it became known “StarHit”, the company planned to send Philip Kirkorov, who is responsible for preparing rooms, and samoochishchenija from Russia to Stockholm, economy class. “This is a budget organization, therefore, to fly “business” can only the administration, – has told “StarHit” in RTR. And the artists doesn’t apply to it. And that man just won’t fit in the “economy”, no one thinks. Philip and Sergey will be able to buy tickets at their own expense – this includes flights and hotels in Stockholm, so they have proposed a “three-star”.

      “The room is divided into three stages, – said Kirkorov about the room Lazarev. Is it the creation, production, and then runs daily in Moscow and from the beginning of may in Stockholm. There are renting a pavilion, where will be recreated the scene of the contest. On the rights of the author of the song and the eldest in the team apart from the creative part and I am responsible for morale. Artist on such an important musical event, as an athlete before going to the Olympic stadium, only thinks about one thing – winning. Not personal, but a whole team, national team! If Sergei takes the first place, in that I truly believe that Eurovision will come to Russia. This is a great incentive, adrenaline. Therefore, only forward! He is a professional, versatile developed: look at his physical form, will give odds to many athletes. And this is one of our advantages is that he will do in time… This has never been shown on “the Eurovision”.

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