Маша Малиновская распродает свой гардероб

TV star decided to get rid of collections of dresses, some of which never even walk!

In the summer, especially during sales, so I want something new. But what to do if your closet lacking even on old stuff? Right! Arrange the sale.

Probably, it is thought that the famous TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya decided to sell their gorgeous outfits.

“I had the idea, friends. In my wardrobe a lot of beautiful things I haven’t worn at all or have appeared only once. How about the sale? You be interested?” – Masha turned to the followers.

Star asked, whether to open a new account in the social networks to conduct a sale. Fans of Masha wild with delight have accepted news about the sale, and some girls said that all his life dreamed of a dress from the Hill.

“Yes! I really want this dress!”, “I this dress two years ago in a magazine cut out) As I want it,” “I’d purchased, I your taste is always like”, “want to buy what chose Mary for himself,” wrote the inspired followers.

And even wondering if in the wardrobe of a movie star the perfect dress for my wedding. However, while news on sale and when, Malinovskaya said, but judging by the comments fans, closet stars plead for a matter of hours.

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