Скандал: молодая жена Николаса Кейджа ему изменяла!
It turned out the real reason of the divorce of the actor.

Nicolas cage with wife Alice Kim

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by the Internet portal to Radar online,
revealed the real reason for the collapse of marriage, 52-year-old Nicolas cage with his young
wife. As it turned out, the 32-year-old Alice Kim, with whom the actor lived for 12 years, cheated on
his famous wife.

Alice gave one of her neighbors, living
near the house of the actor in the Summerlin suburb of Las Vegas. He
told reporters of the newspaper, she was repeatedly seen in the vicinity of the company
unidentified men are impressive — at a time when the actor was away for shooting. And
a couple just walked around together, and hugged and kissed. This story could
would not walk to the cage, but one of his friends accidentally saw Alice with her
knight and told the actor. And as to tolerate cheating spouses cage
not wished, their marriage ended. Especially offensive to cage seemed
that unidentified friend, Alice, looked at description, much younger
it. And yet — although, as I reported a press-the agent of the actor, he allegedly broke up with Kim
earlier this year, the informant Radar
online claims that the couple has much more than
six months do not live together.

Recall that Alice and Nicholas met in
February 2004. At that time, Kim worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and cage
fell in love with her at first sight. After
just two month engagement they got married. A year later, Alice gave birth to
your husband son, to whom Nicholas gave an unusual name — Kal-El, in honor of Superman
favorite character actor. Now the boy is 10 years and the couple intend
to agree on joint custody.

Except Kal-El from the cage there’s even a grown-up son Weston from his longtime girlfriend Christina Fulton.
Weston has managed not only to marry,
but to make Nicholas’s grandfather, made happy
his grandson, Strike.

Marriage to Alice Kim was already the third attempt
the actor to build a happy family life. Prior to that, he was for 5 years
the husband of actress Patricia Arquette and then a very short time – husband and daughter
Elvis Presley – Lisa-Marie.

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