«Холостяк» заставил Воробьева взять отпуск впервые за шесть лет

After the project “the Bachelor” Alex took a break from work to recover.

Despite the fact that since the end of filming the reality show “the Bachelor” took a long time, his main character still has not recovered from the tested nervous shocks.

In a recent interview Alexey Vorobyov admitted to us that after a stroke, which happened in 2013, he mentally recovered much faster than after all tests on the project “the Bachelor.”

“For me, to be honest, these three months passed in this emotional degree that I still haven’t recovered… I think I’m mentally even after a stroke recovered faster,” admitted Alex.

The actor even went on vacation, what not to do for six years. Alex decided that Cyprus would become his nook, where no one will disturb you and where he will be able to put in order thoughts.

“The bachelor” allowed himself to laze around for a whole week, and after artistic and restless nature of workaholism has taken its toll. Sparrows made a short vacation with the performance and I think a reassessment of everything that had happened to him in recent months.

“The concert worked, slept, shaved, tanned, and I’m going to watch football” – shared Alexei positive posts in his Instagram in the last days of stay at the resort.

Despite all the experiences and emotional depression after the reality show, despite the fact that Alex still comes up after the draft, he did not regret his participation in “the Bachelor.”

“What I felt, I am grateful every day that I lived during these three months. Because it’s better to feel pain and know you live, than not feel anything at all. Because if there is pain, there is joy. Just the path to that joy for everybody. I came to the project for real, sincere feelings that can occur between people anywhere. That is only comparable to a natural disaster, because there’s no avoiding them, they cover the head and leave no chance to think straight. I just want these feelings. And the amazing thing is that I got the feeling you were looking for, but they were not mutual,” explained Alex.

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