Masha Malinovskaya extremely thin

Маша Малиновская экстремально похудела A couple of months ago the TV presenter became the heroine of the program “million dollar Secret” with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Masha fans noticed that the star has visibly gained weight. The star has promised viewers to lose weight favorite methods, the results she shared on personal page in a Network.
Маша Малиновская экстремально похудела

In March of this year Masha Malinovskaya appeared on several talk shows. The presenter was very honest with the audience. The star admitted that due to the constant stress she strongly recovered. According to her, last year she gained 12 kilograms. Malinovskaya said fans about the readiness to go for weight loss for drastic measures.

“I’m taking an illegal drug, but not the one which you think. I ordered the special Thai diet pills. I know that it is quite dangerous for health, but willing to take the risk. I always stress eating. Can’t give up the pleasure of tasting something delicious,” shared Mary.

The result of weight loss Mary boasted on the personal page in Instagram. Netizens were amazed at such a visible transformation of the presenter.

“Yes, I look and feel different. Yeah, I’ve really changed over the past two months, after the release of “Live” with Andrei Malakhov and “million dollar Secret” with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Thanks. All the details of the “rebirth from the ashes” I’ll tell you later. I sincerely hope that my experience and my tips will help you change your life for the better!” – Masha has shared with the fans.
Маша Малиновская экстремально похудела

“Maria how many kg threw?”, “What diet?”, “Beauty!”, “So quickly lost! Wow!”, “Masha, you’re so beautiful”, “So thin…” – said users of the Network.

Recall that in ether of those talk shows Malinovskaya said that had an abortion when she was pregnant from the first husband. The chosen artist only wanted the boy and demanded urgently to know the sex of the baby…

However, the real shock of the star became the death of my grandmother. It was engaged in education of Mary. “Grandma went to the store and almost next to the house, a few meters from the entrance, she was hit by a truck. It was just awful, I barely coped with the incident. Grandpa has washed down from the grief and died too soon. On the background of the incident my mom had a heart attack. I was so shocked that went to the same clinic where they treated my mother. Only in a psychiatric ward. I realized that not cope with what is happening herself, only with the help of professionals” – shared TV presenter. After treatment in a psychiatric hospital Malinovskaya hooked on illegal drugs