Olga’s husband Rapunzel is preparing the daughter to participate in the “House-2”

Муж Ольги Рапунцель готовит дочь к участию в «Доме-2» A young father took his kid to the set. Now Dmitry and Olga Rapunzel-rearing baby and live outside the perimeter of telestroke as parental leave.
Муж Ольги Рапунцель готовит дочь к участию в «Доме-2»

Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko enjoy family life. The daughter of the participants “House-2” appeared on 1 April. Now the family lives not in the perimeter of telestroke. Yet Rapunzel and Dimitrenko are in maternity leave. However, Dmitry decided to bring the girl to the place where he started his relationship with Olga Rapunzel. Instagram of a young father there was a short video which showed how he arrived with a baby on the set. Presumably, the child will be one of those whose childhood will be under the gun cameras.

“Our daughter is beginning to understand and be interested in everything! Just lie to her already interested in the stroller. Loves when we take her to handle,” shares observations on performance.

Steam doesn’t show the girl’s face, but actively puts photos with her daughter in the stroller. Dmitry is accompanied by spouse and their child during walks, he rolls wheelchair “I try to steal time to leave work and things then, as far as possible and be sure to take a walk with my baby! For me it is a so nice thing when you carry your baby, talk to her, and she gently sniffs and sleeps! I’m so elated and proud that I have such a miracle! And it seems that no one around, just me and my daughter! And I know that it will be included in our mandatory regime-a walk with my daughter,” – says the participant of the project.

Happy life of Dima and Olya sometimes breaks the negative side of social media. Some women criticize her for what Rapunzel constantly carries her daughter in a stroller with the top up or down.

“As well in the decree. Every day I do kid, Yes, sometimes tired, not enough sleep. For me now my daughter is in the foreground. We with it everywhere together every day. I’m so glad that the weather allows and we can walk around 3 hours, sometimes longer. Enough to write to me, that the child is hot in a wheelchair! Calm down already, my daughter feels great, and she is dressed for the weather and I have a hundred times look in the stroller. When my daughter is naughty, moan or crying, I’m like heart broken. For my daughter I am the best mom in the world,” explained Olga in a microblog.