Гоген Солнцев ублажает пожилую супругу The showman continued to share pictures taken during honeymoon with 63-year-old wife Catherine. Couple resting on the beach, dining in restaurants and regularly makes evening walks. However, Gauguin did not forget to fulfill every whim of the woman.
Гоген Солнцев ублажает пожилую супругу

Gauguin Solntsev with 63-year-old Catherine Tereshkovich married in the registry office of the capital in early April. The couple got married at the site of the project “Dom-2”. Soon the lovers went on their honeymoon.

Bright staff travel Gauguin routinely made available to Network users on the personal page in Instagram. The lovers demonstrate the idyll in relations: attends the entertainment, dine in cafes and restaurants, swim in the pool and stroll the streets at night before bed. And in this busy schedule of rest, the sun still found the time to do the Catherine massage. Should be immediately reported to fans by posting a picture online.

“Rest is important, and massage of the back on schedule,” commented a photo of Gauguin.
Гоген Солнцев ублажает пожилую супругу

Catherine is not shy to pose outdoor in a pink swimsuit. On a walk a woman could easily go out in short shorts. Fans of the ambiguously responds to bold images of the newlyweds. “My grandmother sunstroke can happen! Buy a hat!”, “Figure grandma good for her age. But with the face and hair work is necessary. Face looks very old”, “Beautiful!”, “Pathetic”, “Gauguin, waiting for new pictures” – comment on pictures fans of the pair.

Гоген Солнцев ублажает пожилую супругу

Recall that in the Registrar’s office Catherine handed him the keys to the apartment in the capital. The woman decided that this is the best gift for my husband.

The lovebirds met four years ago. Ekaterina is a linguist by training, has long dreamed of playing in the theater. The woman frankly admitted that he was eager to meet Solntsev. Gauguin Solntsev told about the intimate life with an older lover