Маша Малиновская будоражит поклонников обнаженным телом The presenter is not ashamed of bold images. Masha Malinovskaya pays more attention to the beauty of the soul, not the body. Apparently, she’s fully satisfied appearance, and therefore now decided to talk about the inner world.

      TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya not shy to show in microblog subscribers to the delights of his body. She behaves quite relaxed and not afraid of criticism. Now a celebrity has decided to make excuses for the fact that her page on the social network so often appear rather bold photo. However, the confessions itself was Crazy, she tries to pay more attention to than external beauty, and internal.

      “Yes, I put the naked body in order to speak with you friends, on behalf of the real me. I stripped naked in front of you, to bare my soul. Love yourself and your body. However, it is necessary only that you loved others. However, the body is only the vessel for the Grail, which holds the only valid, real, and divine. Your soul. Here’s her take care of, does not stain of treachery, cowardice, lies, cruelty, avarice, unworthy actions, and other filth. I love you, thank you for being with me! Love you!” – wrote Malinovskaya on the page in the microblog.

      However, fans did not pay attention to the inner world of the Hill, and admired her appearance. They again praised her because she spoils them so spicy images. “Good boy, beautiful Grail of cool, angel!” – wrote followers.

      Malinovskaya used to brag about its bright appearance. She admits that she had to go under the surgeon’s knife in order to achieve this result. The presenter increased the breast, but eventually decided to say goodbye with a big bust and make it look more natural.

      “I really wanted to make your forms more compact and appealed for help to the surgeon. But instead of a dream he mutilated my forms. The differences between them were visible to the naked eye. I had re-operated on”, – told about medical error Mary.

      Also TV presenter delighted by silicone lips. She believes that this intervention helped her to become even hotter. Malinovskaya happy at the time decided to make your mouth more expressive.