Ольга Бузова развелась с Дмитрием Тарасовым Leading finally parted with her husband. Stars terminated their relationship in one of capital registry offices. Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov were officially free people. Fans of celebrities wish to start a new life and find love.

      Ольга Бузова развелась с Дмитрием Тарасовым

      Today, Olga Buzova finally broke up with footballer Dmitry Tarasov. A couple, seemingly perfect, has terminated the relationship in the petty-bourgeois registry office of Moscow. Thus, Olga and Dmitry will start in 2017 in a new status.

      At the right time: how brands, restaurants and the stars cashed in on divorce “Tarabrikov”

      Recall that the celebrity filed for divorce in early December this year, and the first rumors about disagreements in the family “Tarabrikov” appeared a couple of months ago. Long Tarasov and Buzova refrained from making any comments about his personal life. After in a press there were data that the couple finally decided to leave, “StarHit” contacted leading representative, demonstrated the spread in the Network information.

      The news that “tarabotti” quarreled, was a real blow for fans of the star couple. They did not believe that celebrities decided to disband. Until the last moment fans had hoped that Olga and Dmitri will forget about all the offense, but this has not happened.

      In a recent interview Olga Buzova answered some personal questions. Celebrity gave to understand that starting a new life and tries not to analyze the past. According to Buzova, she had a revaluation of values. Olga also admitted that she feels guilty in what happened. She openly talked about the fact that he became a hostage of his own popularity.

      Summing up 2016, Buzova admitted that he taught her a lot. According to the leader, she has learned useful lessons and start life with a clean slate. Olga jumped in and will continue to develop as a singer.

      “This year has taught me how to fix his own heart, as to put those parts again, how to do this without the people you thought they will be in your life for a long time. This year has taught me that nobody’s really wrong with you that you need to deal with yourself. No one will put you back on your feet but yourself” – shared celebrity.

      As for the former lover leading, Dmitry Tarasov continues to recover from injury. Midfielder “Locomotive” hopes to return to training immediately after to restore health. When this happens, is still unknown.

      According Life.ru, Buzova Tarasov separately arrived at the registry office located in the city center.