Anna Sedokova surprised a rounded tummy

Анна Седокова удивила округлившимся животиком Fans noticed the change of the shape of a star. At one of the corporate Anna appeared in a red dress that failed to conceal the shape of the actress. However, the singer admits waiting for the third child.

      Yesterday in mass media there was information about the interesting position of Anna Sedokova. The representative of the stars Cyril denied this information and has promised that soon everyone will be able to see for yourself. “Just the other day she goes to have a rest abroad, will be photographed in a swimsuit – once it becomes clear that about any pregnancy is out of question”, – said the agent of the singer.

      However, fans Sedokova made a video in which the actress appears on one of the corporate parties. The event was held this week. On stage Anna rose in a red dress with a high waist and a full skirt. The outfit did not help the singer to hide a rounded belly. Sedokova was able to ignite the audience, performing all your favorite hits. However, viewers noticed that her figure has changed.

      Usually Anna is always watching their appearance, engaged in the gym and showing off in front of the subscribers fit the press. Recently on all shots Sedokova posing in spacious clothes that hide her figure.

      Within a few months the woman intrigued fans with photos with flowers, which is signed by very ambiguous phrases. Followers of the actress concluded that she has a new love. However, bitter experience of previous relationships, Sedokova is not seeking to put social networking pictures with the chosen one.

      Anna herself has not commented on the pregnancy rumors, while fans ask the star in the comments to a new post. The singer posted a video signature which thanked ek-lover. “I connected his life with music and finally seems to be beginning to understand its real essence. I took the first steps on the way to becoming a true artist! And oddly enough, I nudged the person I was in love, but that had been a whirlwind through my life and disappeared from it. Leaving the music. The man I loved taught me to understand the scene. The art of relationships on it, its depth. It will not be in my life, but his wise lessons will remain forever . The man I love, taught me to be on stage, overcoming all obstacles. In spite of everything. Don’t give up on yourself and do what you think is right. Look at all the little things a little bit down and think globally!” – said Sedokova on the page in a social network.