Fans of Carrie Fisher made fun of Steve Martin because of his “sexist” messages

Поклонники Кэрри Фишер затравили Стива Мартина из-за его «сексистского» сообщения

The death of the performer of the role of Princess Leia in “Star wars” for many was shocking. The actress died at age 60 due to heart problems. Many Western stars expressed their condolences on this loss, but there were those who excelled in their statements.

One of those was actor Steve Martin. On his Twitter page, 71-year-old comedian left a record which would later be the users of the Network considered sexist.

“When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful of all I’ve ever seen. She was also very witty and bright” — wrote Martin on his blog, but later deleted this entry, because fans of the actress and the press turned against him, noting that it is inappropriate to talk about the beauty of a woman the day of her death.

In defense of Stephen say Fisher at the time was really a sex symbol and a woman of dreams for a large number of people, because no criminal in his post we do not see. While the rest of the celebrities wrote about character traits of the actress, he’s the one who wrote about her attractiveness.