Mary Maksakova left without a fabulous legacy of her husband

Марию Максакову оставили без баснословного наследства мужа It is argued that a large part of the property of the deceased political leader went to his ex-wife Julia and children from a previous marriage. According to journalists, Denis Boronenkov allegedly possessed more than one property located in different districts of Moscow.
Марию Максакову оставили без баснословного наследства мужа

Journalists claim that the singer Maria Maksakova, widow of tragically deceased former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, can not claim the inheritance of her husband. According to correspondents, the property and assets of a politician allegedly went to his ex-wife Julia and joint children – 19-year-old Nicholas and 16-year-old Xenia. It is argued that Voronenkov rewrote everything that belonged to him, shortly before his death.

Maria Maksakova shared her pain after her husband’s death

Media reported that the luxury mansion men located in the village of Larks on the ruble, is now the property of ex-spouses. This property is estimated at 600 million rubles.

In addition, Yulia retreated three bedroom apartment, located in the West of Moscow. It costs more than 80 million rubles.

According to journalists, the ex-wife Boronenkov also owns a two-bedroom apartment in the residential complex “House in Sokolniki”. Allegedly, the woman’s son Nicholas moved several properties in the capital worth more than 525 million rubles.

Марию Максакову оставили без баснословного наследства мужа

However, the famous singer, according to information published in the press, may still claim to be part of chetyrehkomnatnuyu apartment that belonged to the deceased husband. Denis Voronenkov was one of the owners of housing on the ninth floor of the buildings located on the street Udaltsova. The property is also recorded on the children of ex-MP.

We will add that earlier in mass media there was information that the property of Denis Boronenkov be confiscated. The property is owned by the man arrested if the investigation proves that he had acquired property for illegal means. Shortly before his death Boronenkov was accused of fraud and declared in Federal and international search.

Recall that Denis Boronenkov, was shot dead on March 23 in the center of Kiev. Killer politician was Paul Parsow. Bodyguard Boronenkov managed to shoot the killer, the result of which he received several wounds. Parsow died on the operating table.

The total amount of the inheritance, which left Denis Boronenkov, according is about billion. The only gift that managed to make the man famous singer, was an apartment in the tower “Moscow-city”, estimated by realtors at 100 million rubles.