Gone from the life of Larisa Kronberg

Ушла из жизни Лариса Кронберг Soviet actress for a long time struggled with the disease. Larisa Kronberg was 87 years old. The national love came to her after she appeared in the film “Big family”. Fans can’t believe what happened.
Ушла из жизни Лариса Кронберг

On Sunday, the famous actress Larisa Kronberg died. The artist was 87 years old. According to the Union of cinematographers, a long time the woman struggled, but was unable to resist the disease. Details of farewell and burial is not disclosed.

Fans know Larisa Kronberg vivid roles in such famous films as “Star wings”, “Girl with guitar”, “Oleko Dundich”, “Night without mercy”, “the Bride of the North”. But most of all the audience, the actress fell in love after appearing in the movie “Big family”. There, she played an engineer Zina Ivanov. At the 1955 Cannes film festival she was awarded for “Best ensemble cast”.

Ушла из жизни Лариса Кронберг

Larissa entered the acting Department of VGIK in the workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. Despite the fact that she began to study in 1948, she interrupted these studies and graduated from the Institute in 1954, the course of Vladimir Belokurov. For nearly 30 years, the actress was listed in the state theatre-Studio of film Actor and a film Studio “Mosfilm”. Initially, the artist worked under the name Sobolevskaya.

In 1987, Kronberg had stopped acting in films. However, the last time about it almost nothing was heard. Three years ago, actor Stanislav Sadalsky remembered the actress and wondered why no one shows interest in her person. He always admired the beauty of Larisa, and therefore wanted the audience didn’t forget about it.

About the personal life of the actress virtually nothing is known. She attributed the novel with the famous chess player Mikhail tal. “Sobolevskaya, actress downright Hollywood beauty, was the wife of tal, played in the movie more than 20 roles in famous movies” – wrote the artist.

Also Larisa Kronberg participated in the operation to recruit the French Ambassador Maurice Diana the Soviet secret services. In order to avoid scandal affair with an actress, he began to cooperate with the KGB. For this, Larissa was awarded the Swiss watches, made of gold and diamonds.