Diana Gurtskaya sent all their forces to protect Lolita

Диана Гурцкая направила все силы на защиту Лолиты The singer wrote the official letter. Diana Gurtskaya decided to help lolita, which had entry to Ukraine. For three years the artist will not be able to cross the border of a neighboring state.
Диана Гурцкая направила все силы на защиту Лолиты

Over the weekend a scandal broke out with the participation of the singer Lolita Milavskaya. When crossing the border with Ukraine it was announced to her that she can’t enter the country. The actress was going to visit his daughter. Celebrities were quick to support the singer. Diana Gurtskaya as Chairman of the Commission for the support of family, children and motherhood Public chamber of the Russian Federation decided to write an official letter to the Ukrainian authorities. She believes that it is unacceptable to separate a mother and her child. Lolita is not allowed to sick daughter

“I, as a mother, I sincerely empathize with lolita. Know how it carefully touching care about the mother and daughter. I’m just scared to imagine myself in her place. To some unscrupulous and heartless persons were not allowed to the child.

Speaking unemotionally, the Ukrainian authorities have grossly violated their international obligations for the protection of childhood and motherhood. As a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, I sent an appeal to the Commissioner for human rights of Ukraine with a request to protect the rights of Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya and her the daughters of eve,” – said Diana Gurtskaya.

In an official letter, which the singer addressed the Commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the artist pointed out that the refusal of entry of the mother into the territory of residence of her child contrary to some provisions of the UN Convention.

At the weekend the lolita announced that for three years she can’t come to Kiev, where her daughter Eva and my mom. She literally got off the train, where she went to Kiev. The singer was supported by her colleagues who wished her luck in such a difficult matter. Among those who decided to cheer lolita, there were many stars of show business – Irina Saltykov, Sergey Lazarev, Maxim Fadeev, Natasha Koroleva, which also recently banned entry to the territory of Ukraine for the period of three years. The artist tries not to lose courage and hopes that soon she’ll see her daughter.

“I received great pleasure from the letters of support from the Ukrainians not only from Ukraine but also from around the world!” – wrote Lolita in the microblog.