Married Ewan McGregor caught kissing mistress

Женатого Юэна Макгрегора застали целующимся с любовницей
“Jedi” was suspected of betraying his wife.

Ewan McGregor and eve Mavrakis


Fans of the 46-year-old Ewan McGregor in shock. The actor, who was considered as the exemplary family man,
caught in public for the passionate kisses, and not with his wife.

The actor who played
the wise Jedi Obi WAN Kenobi in three films from the franchise “Star wars”, shocked
recently visitors popular in North-West London café The Good Life Eatery. Appearing here in the dark
beauty in those hours when the institution was full of visitors, Ewan, and his
companion behaved as if no one was around. He kept his
girlfriend, which identified a 32-year-old actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, hand something
constantly she whispered. She gently stroked his cheek… But the culmination of
Dating has become a passionate and long kiss on the lips, which managed to capture someone

Mary and Ewan McGregor known about
year. They met on the set of the TV series “Fargo”, where, incidentally,
play lovers. And it seems their on-screen romance turned into quite real. Colleagues
McGregor and Winstead has noticed that Ewan and Mary almost all the time together
as “the artist” and during breaks, and parties who arranged
the creators of the TV show… Their close friendship
began to look even more suspicious, once in may of this year
Winded suddenly announced that he had decided to part ways with your spouse Riley
The Stearns. And the last few months Ewan and his wife eve Mavrakis that
ceased to appear in public together, stopped wearing their wedding
ring. And now, after the scene in the cafe, reporters came to the conclusion that
McGregor and his wife were close to divorce…

Recall: Ewan and eve
married in 1995, and until recently, were considered the perfect couple. They
together they raised four children together, and McGregor never
suspected Affairs with colleagues.