Yana Churikova cried at the concert of Polina Gagarina

Яна Чурикова расплакалась на концерте Полины Гагариной The presenter has a tender feel to the singer. Yana Churikova was unable to hold back the tears during the performance, Polina Gagarina in the Kremlin Palace. The star admitted that he is incredibly proud of the successes of singer and young mother.
Яна Чурикова расплакалась на концерте Полины Гагариной

Singer Polina Gagarina in some incredible way, it is possible to combine motherhood and self-realization. This spring, the singer gave birth to a daughter, and despite the fact that she is still very young, Gagarin managed to treat their fans with a great solo program but not just anywhere, but on the stage of the Kremlin Palace. Yesterday, October 21, Polina Gagarina gave a concert for everyone who loves her work.

Among the fans of popular singer classifies itself known TV presenter Yana Churikova. She attended solo concert of Polina Gagarina with her daughter Tasey. In recognition of Yana, she was so impressed with what is happening on stage that are unable to hold back the tears. Professional paths of the two young women were often crossed, and John was a witness of how Pauline from the young singer has become one of the best vocalists of the country with million-strong army of fans. Their emotions the star shared with followers of the microblog.

“Yes, I cried at this concert in front of his daughter, and I did not feel ashamed. When Tasia asked me why I was crying, I told her about the two girls from “American idol -2” – one led, the other participated and won. About “Eurovision – 2015″, where one commented, the other through a difficult situation broke on the 2nd place. About MTV Unplugged this summer, which is one with the team produced, the other with his team made, and it was to shiver. Polina Gagarina, glad our paths go together. Proud of you, baby, and your solo Kremlin!” – posted by Yana Churikova, posting a picture from the concert.

The followers of the presenter, who managed to attend the solo concert of Polina Gagarina, it is recognized that, too, was moved by the performance of vocalist.

“And I at this concert I cried. So sincerely and endlessly talented sang Polina. Thank you for the song. Very cool”, “She was crying, I watched all this and watched! Thank You, Ian!”, “A very talented Polina Gagarina” – such comments leave subscribers negative.

Thank you for the wonderful speech Gagarin and followers of her microblog. “Pauline, great concert, thank you very much for the incredible emotions! You are a great man and very talented, your voice, my God”, “Friend said the concert was better than the sting, where she was a few weeks ago. Bravo! Was awesome! This show is a complete delight,” recognized fans of Polina Gagarina.