Брак Скарлетт Йоханссон трещит по швам

The marriage of Scarlett Johansson and Frenchman Romain of Doriana , until recently, was considered ideal. Couple obvenchatsya in September 2014 lives with his child – daughter rose – in Paris, and seemingly enjoying life. Do not say, and life in the city of love is not so noisy like in Hollywood. The couple decided not to devote strangers in your life – fans of Scarlett knew neither their wedding nor the birth of his daughter, nor – now is the crisis in family relations.

That the couple is experiencing similar problems, said friend Johansson. She told reporters that Scarlett faint from boredom and finds that gradually falls out of the industry. This is despite the fact that she was recognized as the highest-grossing actress.
Johansson believes that the Paris life – not for her, and asks Roman to reconsider and return to California.
“Scarlett put her husband an ultimatum: either they go to Los Angeles together, or she goes there with rose,” — said a friend of the actress edition of “Star” and added that the Doriana refuses to move, as he had in Paris – nice job, and in Los Angeles he will have to start from scratch and sit on the neck of his wife, and to be dependent is above his dignity. This news could be viewed newspaper “duck”, but the spouses actually haven’t seen together. and this is not a good sign.

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