Студия Warner Bros. намерена снять девятый фильм о Гарри Поттере

In the future plans of Warner Bros. almost impossible to believe, however, they are going to do something crazy and risky.

As you know, the franchise about Harry Potter is eight stunning in its beauty and content of the movies where a whole generation. But also, what is the favorite story of millions of people around the world, it is also excellent earnings for the Studio, which was engaged in its production. Again to make some money, the company decided on the set of the spin-off of “Harry Potter” — “Fantastic creatures and their habitats”, where the main role is played by Eddie Redmayne.

However, the spin-offs is still not quite what the fans, because Warner Bros. decided on “knight’s move” — to remove the ninth film in the Harry Potter series!

As it became known to the press, Warner Bros. registered trademark Harry Potter and the half-Child, which gives the Studio the exclusive right to the film and release toys based on their motives. This implies that very soon on the big screens we will again be able to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of magic. However, components that are kept in the strictest confidence.

Note that the “mother of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, when he published the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed child” (on the basis of which was a controversial play in London), said she was strongly against the new films, which means that they should not be expected.

But apparently Warner Bros. thinks otherwise.

What do you think, will Warner Bros. to collect in the new film remains so beloved to all of us members?

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