Cамой красивой женщиной мира является Эмбер Херд

Not Angelina Jolie and amber heard! As all admired the beauty of mothers with many children and wife of brad pitt Jolie, she was far behind in research that has identified the most beautiful woman in the world.

The study was conducted quite an interesting read: rejecting all voting and other methods of determining the attractiveness of a person, the researchers used the method of computer mapping, were also taken into account the proportions of ancient Greek beauty. The experts examined 12 key markers, including the lips, noses, eyebrows and the shape of the face candidates. The closest in percentage to the ideal was the wife of johnny Depp – amber heard (91.85%). The second place is reality star Kim Kardashian (91,39%), followed by supermodel Kate moss (91,06%).

Note that scientists have also determined that the most attractive and the right eyebrow has Kim, the most beautiful forehead boasts Kate moss, but have heard the most attractive nose and chin.


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